These exfoliating scrubby yarn soap bags are a perfect way to exfoliate your skin and create an almost shampoo like lather. They are a little gentler on the skin than our nylon mesh bags, allowing for a mild all over exfoliation and massage of the skin and are also great for putting all those small pieces of soap in so there is no waste. Just slip your bar of soap or soap pieces into the opening and close the top by squeezing the lock and pulling the cord. The cord also allows for you to hang it up when you are finished so it will dry and help extend the life of your soap. Being made out of 100% polyester allows it to dry very quickly leaving no odor or chance of mold. To care for your bag, simply machine wash in warm water on gentle cycle and tumble dry on low. Do Not Bleach.

Group #2 Mixed Exfoliating Scrubby Yarn Soap Bags