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Shelf Life

The Time

One of the most frequently asked questions is the shelf life of our handmade soaps.  There are many factors that play part in determining the shelf life of handmade soap such as oil/butter, additives & storage conditions.  Some soaps get better with age while others I would recommend to use within six months to a year. Olive oil/castile and bastille bars are a couple types of soap that get better with age, while soaps containing extra moisturizing properties such as castor, jojoba, and avocado oil. Butters, such as shea and avocado, I would recommend using within a year. As soaps age they may shrink slightly in size due to moisture in the soap evaporating. This will not hurt the soap at all and will actually make for a harder bar that will produce better lather and will last longer. Some of the scent and natural coloring may also fade over time but will not change the qualities of the soap. We also do not use any preservatives, as these types of ingredients would make the soap no longer natural and are also an irritant to many people’s skin.

Natural soaps need to breathe and should be left unwrapped or wrapped in materials that allow them to breathe. Exposure to air will help your bar of soap become even harder, keep it from going bad and will also make for a longer lasting bar.

Since most of our soaps are very moisturizing and contain lots of skin loving oils and butters, we would recommend that you use your soap within six months to a year of purchase. If it is a castile or bastille soap, they last much longer and get better with age!

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